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Fees balances are not correct

Last Updated 2 years ago

This is a scenario that can show up after updating your system with v9.9 or later.

Due to the change in the academic year dates, the 3 terms of an academic year are spanning across 2 calendar years.

And because of this, we had to change the routines that calculate fees balances. The system now calculates the fees balance from the receipt distribution, whereby it checks if all voteheads have been allocated amounts as expected on the fees structure, for the academic year.

Now, if the balances seem not to tally with receipts as posted, just REPOST the recent receipts, which could be having wrong distribution of figures into the voteheads. The receipt amount must be correctly distributed to voteheads so that the fees status of a student is correct.

So, right click a receipt on the list and click Repost selected receipt.

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